Facilities at The Church

There are a number of rooms within the Church site and they can be rented out either for a one off event or for a regular event.

The Main Church Hall. The maximum capacity of 100.

Front view of Chruch Hall

Front View of Church Hall

Back View of Church Hall

Rear View of Church Hall


The Pop-In which is a cafe with its own tables and chairs. The maximum capacity is 30.

View inside Pop-In Cafe


The Club Room which is on the 1st Floor. The maximum capacity is 40.

Front view of Club Room

Front View of Club Room.

Back View of Club Room

Rear View of Club Room.



The Parlour. The charges maximum capacity is 30.

Front View of Parlour

Front View of Parlour.

Back View of Parlour

Rear View of Parlour.


All these charges are inclusive of use of the fully featured kitchen.

View of left side or Kitchen

View of Right Side of Kitchen

Tables and chairs be laid out if required at no extra cost. It is necessary to request this when booking.

If you would like to book any of these rooms then please contact please contact the Booking Officer Julie Downie on 075 1419 8452.